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Foot Massager

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Revolutionary Air Compression Foot Massager with Heated Roller Designed To Relief Plantar Fasciitis

Are you having a sore and painful foot that is annoying and also affecting your quality of life? Imagine feeling the throbbing ache and annoying discomfort that accompany you throughout the entire day. It’s time to get soothing deep penetrating massage.

Statistics have shown that between 70% to 80% of the adult population will experience some kind of foot problem. Over half of the US population will encounter foot pain through shoes that don’t fit and through improper walking stances. Don’t let this happen to you.

Get relief with ChiSoft Shiatsu foot massager and prevent chronic symptoms of tightness, soreness, stabbing pain, and cramps that require either professional therapies or hours of rehabilitation through home remedies.

Is your cold feet caused by poor blood circulation? Bad blood circulation can be triggered by poor diets, lack of exercise, improper postures, sport injuries, or external factors, such as climate.

This is why proper maintenance, regular exercise, and occasional massages are paramount to the health of your feet that can affect the overall wellness of your body and your mood. With this in mind, we have brought in our brand new, one-of-a-kind, foot massager that is packed with incredible features while remaining compact, durable, easy to use, and easy to put away.

Major Benefits of Blood Circulation Foot Massager and
How this Reflexology Machine Can Stop Your Throbbing Foot Pain

  Say goodbye to those pesky and infuriating foot cramps, as the trigger point massages generated through bi-directional kneading knobs deeply penetrates the surface skin and alleviates soreness within hard-to-reach muscles and tendons.

 Increase blood circulation for enhanced overall wellness of the body.

  Helps relieves pain, soreness, discomfort, cramps, and tightness of foot muscles and tendons instantly enabling a sense of relaxation and comfort.

  Alleviates chronic foot stress which is perfect for personal use or for gifts, as the design is both aesthetically pleasing and highly affordable.

Special Features of Thermal Heated Pressure Shiatsu Foot massager That Are Reliable and Easy to use

To fully ensure that a full massaging session with professional result is provided, our foot massager also contains essential functionalities that all massagers should have.

  Unique airbag compression system provides the ultimate compression therapy to improve blood flow and reduce muscle pain, pinches, soreness, aches, numbness, cramps, and more.

  The trigger point massager knobs kneads and presses against the base of your feet for a professional massaging result.

  Kneading massager knobs on the base of the foot massager that can effectively and quickly provide instant pain relief and soothing comfort to the base of your foot.

  Multiple intensity and speed settings tailor to your needs for the most comfortable and satisfying massage therapy possible.

  Compact and portable light weight, easy to use, and easy to store; convenience is the key as the design of our foot massager is small in size yet powerful to deliver the result that you desire with multiple settings to choose from.

  High quality from the exterior material to the fabric, from the control panel to the power adapter, everything is quality checked.

  The added recliner allows you to contour your feet in a way that best suits your individual comfort.

 The AC adapter is also cULus certified, which means this adapter is compatible with North American standard electrical outlets.

  For extra power, why not select the high setting for the massage intensity and speed? For 100% shiatsu massage that you can only get in a spa salon or a physiotherapy clinic, activate the heating feature to further relax your feet.

Drawing only 24W of power with a cULus certified power adapter that is compatible with North American electrical outlet between 100V-240V, this is one powerful, unique, and portable foot massager that you can comfortably and safely use in your home or in your office.

Inflation Compression Therapy is What Makes ChiSoft Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager Different From Competitors

The new main feature that distinguishes our foot massager from other competitors is the airbag compression system that truly provides a professional comforting result. By using air to inflate the bag, the system fully envelopes both of your feet at the same time and produces a steady level of compression for a few seconds before decompressing to release the pressure.

Through several times of compression and decompression, blood vessels in your feet are stretched along with the tendons and surrounding muscle tissues, vastly improving blood flow.

Prolonged sitting, leg injuries, poor diets are some of the contributing factors for cold feet and poor health. With increased blood flow, temperature of your feet will rise, soreness and cramps will be alleviated. As the entire blood circulation is heavily depended on the lower body where the effectiveness of blood vessels in your feet and legs can affect how well return circulation can be, it is important to ensure your feet are properly maintained through regular massages and exercises.


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